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Tired of the typical flashing platforms full of coins? Anxious to test your skills as a JetPod Pilot?

Explore futuristic and lost worlds filled with threats and challenges! Make the craziest maneuvers imaginable with your Jetpod and discover all the power of your vehicle powered by a Tilirium reactor. Stress Taxi is the only game that will require large doses of reflexes, precision, wit and madness. Your mission is to transport all types of cargo: passengers, explosive goods to more remote and dangerous locations of different planetary systems.

Escape through labyrinthine secret tunnels or caves at full speed without scratching your brand new Jetpod. Unlock new jetpods and sub-missions as you progress through the game and improve your precision acrobatic skills.

Customize, color, vynils and unlock more exciting Jetpods in your incredible garage!

Enjoy playing this premiere video about Stress Taxi, this is the the alpha version of Thousand Gears first videogame for Steam Community, stay tunned, as soon as possible we’ll publish on Greenlight and hope to publish a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaing to get all your support!

And remember…. SLEEP FASTER !!!





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You’re Clyde Mainman

addressClyde Mainman is a space taxi driver who works for the agency SSA (Space Security Agency) performing high-risk missions moving super space actors to their dangerous and hostile destinations.

Clyde is a crazy guy, who likes to live life to the limit, in his whole life has made thousands of madness, his first arrest was gliding his jetpod causing numerous traffic accidents at the tender age of 8 years.

As expected, the following years continued to be equally promising, he accumulated endless fines and never paid. However, his skills as a pilot for Jet-pod (vehicle propelled by magnetic levitation power) were growing as fast as the money he owed in fines. He became so good riding jet-pods that even many of his friends encouraged him to participate in several stellar careers, earning his first win in life.

Despite this fantastic achievement, which gave him his moment of fame, only led to the beginning of his troubles, as her past as a crook space, full of fines, incidents as a mercenary and some other thefts in planetary service areas caused SSA to notice him.

Clyde’s life would change, I liked it or not, since the SSA made ​​it very clear. As soon as he got busted his record of over a thousand pages front and offered 2 destinations: the prison Tilirio mines (the mineral that occurs with the fuel of Jetpots) or the cabbies Academy SSA a place where only the best pilots are chosen Jetpot to train as drivers of spatial super agents. Undoubtedly one of the most dangerous professions of space, lots of speed, missiles aiming at you, on your tail galactic terrorists and meteorites falling on your jetpot, nobody in their right mind would choose such a fate, but if Clyde.


Pimp your jetpods


We offer a garage, only for you, with all things what you need for increase your Jetpod without dirt your hands. Coco, mechanic manager, will your dreams get true!

Color your Jetpod with your favourite colour how many times as you want. Stick the coolest vinyls and dresses very stylishly, Do you want more speed for overtaking everyone? No problem, in the garage will have original spares with the best pieces that you can believe for achieve your maximum performance vehicle.You can improve the reactor Tilirio, adherence, chassis, the capacity of your fuel tank, aerodynamics, shield and everything that you can imagine! Turn your Space Taxi Jetpod the best of all!

If you find something in the shop, do not worry, look and get more parts for your inventory in different worlds and areas to visit. When you finish a mission with Coco review everything you’ve got, your opinion will help you to improve your Jetpod and thus get the maximum performance possible! Leave behind all your competitors with the latest turbojet tilirio!All you want is in your hand in the Coco’s Garage! Jetpod the model is outdated and no longer so cool you? You don’t burn more Tilirio and choose a new Jetpod brand just left the factory, customize to your liking and leave your mark on the asphalt.

Explore worlds


Lives every passion Clyde adventures and help him overcome dangers! Explore the play’s world, above all, a full of emotions journey! Drive your taxi in huge cities, deserts and hidden places. Knock huge slugs! Are you being persecuted? Flee! Smash! Load objects! Building explodes! Taxi In Stress can do it!

Meet with a big cities of aliens! Corrupt Cops!Hidden Mafia!Loitering in your car through the suburbs of the city filled with vandals! Fight and win your races in the city of Metronia night. Clyde will take you to the most fun city you’ve never found full of discos, bars and boutiques!

Delve into desert worlds filled with enemies! Overcome the challenges of your enemies in a world full of traps. Discover the secret of the ruins! Enter secret expeditions, overcomes the pitfalls and find objects! You have in front of you a fantastic world of deserts, markets and ruins secrets to discover!

Summers at the beach places in the galaxy! Become the Tarzan in your taxi and into the neo tropical jungle! Watch out for the monster robots and finds the neonativos! You will find a world with lots of mysteries, giant plants, underground caverns and hidden! Move through the most dangerous and discover all its secrets. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Get money carrying


Thanks to your cover as a space taxi driver can earn enough credits to equip your Jetpod with the latest technology and everything you want. Collects, transports and takes his fate, secret agents, toxic goods, special machines, dangerous criminals, aliens … Any order is good to earn some extra credit!

Each new mission for the ASE (Security Space Agency) is an opportunity to improve your Jetpod in the shop and become the best pilot in the galaxy! Through all the turns of the various planets in search of customers! Take every opportunity you have to pick up and take wherever you don’t forget to ask your primary mission!

However difficult the journey, however enemies you meet on the road, however complicated the route, you don’t pass by delivery point unless you want to listen to customer complaints!








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